Introducing Weather Rangers

Weather Rangers are the student workforce of StormZone. These students are responsible for teaching their fellow classmates and the community at large about the importance of weather related disaster preparedness and community volunteerism. Following are activities for Weather Rangers to achieve their mission.

Weather RangersWEATHER EXPO – On-campus event coordinated by Weather Rangers and assigned science and civics teachers. Held in school gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria or other suitable campus venue. Half-day event would include student hurricane preparedness simulation, Storm Resistant House Contest, building a Disaster Survival Kit and a Family Communication Plan. Also, time-permitting, Expo may include a tornado drill simulation. Representatives from community agencies such as the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, FEMA, state, county and municipal emergency management would speak at the event about their respective responsibilities. Others could speak about animal protection, search and Rescue, law enforcement and firefighting.

STORM SIMULATION AT LOCAL EOC – Conduct a natural disaster simulation at a municipal or county emergency operations center. Weather Rangers would form their own government and simulate a severe weather disaster striking their city. Included in this exercise would be problem solving challenges in which the students work together to resolve an assortment of emergencies. At the conclusion of the two-hour exercise is a press conference where student reporters interview the Mayor.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH – There are numerous outreach opportunities for the Weather Rangers to inform residents of their community about the importance of preparedness and volunteerism. Ongoing publicity where Weather Rangers would publish articles in area newspapers and magazines about the importance of planning in advance, mitigation before a storm, storm shelters awareness, evacuation routes, etc. This vital information would also be provided at community events focusing on advance preparation.

HOW TO ENROLL STUDENTS AS WEATHER RANGERS – Contact the StormZone office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to explore how to organize Weather Rangers for your school. The representative will walk the teacher through the teaching materials located on the website, as well as inform the teacher how to order Weather Rangers T-shirts.


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