StormZone Founder

ot bay probyLucien founded StormZone in 2006. With over 10 years of progressive emergency management and educational experience, Mr. Proby recognized the need for educating students about severe weather, as well as supplying preparedness information for students to take home to families. Mr. Proby was responsible for expanding SafeSide, a severe weather curriculum created by the Weather Channel. From 1999 - 2003, he enrolled SafeSide into 25 public school districts in the Southeast, including Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Houston, Charlotte and Washington, D.C. In addition to StormZone, Mr. Proby operates Proby & Associates, a Miami, Florida based marketing and communications firm specializing in charities, non-profits and corporate and the travel sector. Previously, he was a chief marketing officer for a South Florida regional bank, and a news journalist. He is a University of Florida graduate and former U.S. Marine.


StormZone Meteorologist

ot salna

Erik is a Meteorologist by trade and education outreach has always been a career focus, including the StormZone Education Program.  Erik has participated in emergency operations center activations that included Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Wilma.  Erik also has experience as a broadcast meteorologist, providing live continuous coverage primarily for hurricanes, tornadoes and floods, and is a Full Member of the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association.  Erik earned a MS in Meteorology from Northern Illinois University and a BS in Physical Geography with an emphasis in Meteorology from the University of Illinois.


StormZone Program Director

Director of Curriculum Development and Support
PASCO Scientific/PASCO Education

Dr. J.P. Keener JP works for Pasco Scientific, a global leader in developing technology-based solutions for educators and students in more than 100 countries globally. JP holds degrees in chemistry, physics and education, with emphasis on educational technology.  Prior to Pasco Scientific, he worked on several state, national and international projects including international biodiversity studies of pandas, lemurs, blue monkeys, gorillas of the Congo and Cuban alligator populations. He has also served on environmental health standards for rainforests, and coral reefs and been published in several environmental, and educational publications.  JP has been an Associate and Adjunct Professor of math, science and education for several universities, including Florida Atlantic University, Nova Southeastern University, Barry University, The University of Phoenix and the University of Pittsburgh.  JP has collaborative working relationships with the Cousteau Foundation and the Wild Spots Foundation, and brings his knowledge of mathematics, science and international standards to students and districts across the state of Florida.


Creative Director

Dwane ElmoreDwane Elmore has assisted in the nationwide branding of StormZone since the program’s inception in 2006. Mr. Elmore has more than forty years of experience in the field of design as a Creative Director. He received his Bachelor of Arts from The University of Central Oklahoma, majoring in Advertising Design. Having spent his early years living in the heart of tornado alley (Kansas and Oklahoma) Mr. Elmore moved to South Florida in 1977 where he accepted the position of Art Director for Miami Magazine.  In 1982, he formed his own design firm, Elmore Graphics, Inc., in Miami, working with such clients as Ryder Truck, CenTrust Savings Bank, Mount Sinai Medical Center and Baptist Health Systems. He has since relocated to the West Palm Beach, Florida area.

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