Learn About Our Weather

If you think about it, weather is the most talked about topic in any conversation, whether it is local, national or even international. How many times a week do you chat with your family and colleagues at work about weather? Weather is always up to something whether it’s your local forecast or a major disaster. In short, the science behind the natural forces that cause the weather and how it impacts on you and others is pretty interesting.

So, there is plenty to learn about our weather -- its science, history and current events. Storm Zone is a web-based platform offering all of this and more.

We provide educational, scientific and news information about our world’s primary weather categories -- and the resulting devastation caused by them. Our program features basic information about hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and flashfloods, wildfires, severe winter weather and extreme heat – and earthquakes. For example, for hurricanes, what are its stages and alerts? What is the scientific difference between snow storms and ice storms? What are the five categories of wildfires?

Keeping up with weather events and interesting information about our weather is also provided via a “factoids” link on the website. For example, you will find out the definition of a Polar Vortex, Snowball Earth, and the most powerful tropic cyclone ever recorded.

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